Reducing Single-Use Program

Reducing single-use and takeaway items supports recommendations in the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy (Waste Strategy) and will help the City of Toronto become a zero waste and circular city.

Through Reducing Single-Use – one of a suite of ReduceWasteTO programs, the City wants to support and recognize businesses already taking a leadership role to eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items, such as:

  • Single-use accessory disposable food items (i.e. eating utensils, straws, stir sticks, condiment packets, napkins, and beverage takeout trays)
  • Single-use beverage cups (hot and cold)
  • Single-use shopping bags (paper and plastic)
  • Foam (expanded polystyrene) cups and takeout containers
  • Black plastic takeout containers
  • Plastic and plastic lined takeout containers and items labelled as compostable or bio-degradable.

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