The Waterfront is one of the fastest-growing areas in the City of Toronto, and with that, there will be regular construction through the neighbourhood. The Waterfront BIA has worked to aggregate current and upcoming construction notices from various sources, including The City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto, and Toronto Hydro.

As a representative of the business community through the area, the Waterfront BIA seeks to advocate to ensure that these projects are completed quickly and on time, and with a limited impact on people’s enjoyment of the waterfront.

Lake Shore Blvd NPS 20 Replacement Project – Enbridge

What: Replacing the NPS 20 high-pressure vital gas main along Lake Shore Blvd.

  • Component 2: Lake Shore Blvd West from Bathurst Ave to Spadina Ave
  • Component 3 and 4: Lake Shore Blvd from Spadina Ave to Cherry St. 


  • Component 2: October 12, 2021 to mid-February, 2022
  • Component 3 and 4: Tentititve; Early 2022 +

Agency: Enbridge Gas
Impacts: Temporary lane closures, horizontal drilling under streetcar tracks to prevent transit closures.

Note from the constructor: between December 3 and December 18: “We expect there will be a higher noise produced during this drilling installation. Drilling hours will be 7am- 7pm from Monday to Saturday, and 9am -7pm on Sunday. We do have a noise exemption permit from the city, however, we will be doing our very best to limit the noise where and when possible.”

York Street Park (Love Park) – Waterfront Toronto

What: Park Construction
: The foot of York Street between Queens Quay W and Harbour St.
Duration: Summer 2021 to 2022 (anticipated)
Agency: Waterfront Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation
Impacts: Perimeter fencing, tree protection zone, equipment/trailer set up on-site, limited sidewalk access, flagmen to direct pedestrian traffic.
WBIA Notes: The Waterfront BIA is working with Waterfront Toronto, BSAM Canada and STEPS Public Art to install decorative construction hoarding on the south side of the site, facing Queens Quay W.

Lower Jarvis Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Replacement

What: Sanitary Sewer Replacement
: Lower Jarvis Street from Queens Quay E to the Esplanade.
Duration: May 3, 2021, to February 1, 2022 (anticipated)
Agency: City of Toronto
Impacts: Road and Sidewalk Access Restrictions (see below), 

  • Lower Jarvis – southbound only;
  • Lake Shore Blvd E. – one lane open in each direction;
  • Gardiner Expressway, Lower Jarvis northbound off-ramp closed;
  • Occasional weekend closure Lower Jarvis and Lake Shore Blvd. E;

Gardiner on/off ramps removal at Logan, Lake Shore Boulevard Between Cherry Street and Carlaw Ave closed on weekends.


  • Removing the Logan Ramps at the east end of the Gardiner Expressway
  • Widening and lengthening the Lake Shore Bridge over the Don River
  • Rebuilding the roadway between Don Roadway and Carlaw Avenue, including new
    bike and pedestrian facilities and greenspace

Location: East end of the Gardiner expressway between Cherry St. and Carlaw Ave., Lake Shore Blvd. to Commissioners (approximate)
Duration: Late Aug 2021 to 2024 (approximate
Agency: Waterfront Toronto, City of Toronto

  • Road Closures: Lake Shore Blvd East from Cherry St. to Carlaw Ave., as well as the Don Roadway to be closed on weekends from September-October 2021 (see notice for details).
  • Noise, dust, and vibration levels between 7 am and 11 pm.

Project Website

Site Investigations Along Waterfront Harbour West Tunnel of the Don River and Central Waterfront Wet Weather Flow System

What: Investigative borehole drilling at multiple sites across the waterfront

  • Inukshuk Park, south of Martin Goodman Trail
  • Coronation Park – Dog off-leash Area
  • Music Garden Park at Dan Leckie Way
  • Bathurst St & Queens Quay West Green P Parking Lot
  • Music Garden Park at Lower Spadina
  • Lower Simcoe & Queens Quay West –  Parking Spot, north side
  • Yonge Street and Queues Quay West – South Side Median
  • Sugar Beach –  Queens Quay W and Jarvis Street Slip Promenade
  • Lower Don Trail at Don Valley Parkway
  • Keating Railyard (Don Roadway and Lake Shore Blvd. E)
  • Yong St at Queens Quay – South West of intersection, at the median.
  • Lower Jarvis at Queens Quay – North East Corner of intersection.
  • Lower Sherbourne at Queens Quay – North East Corner of Intersection

Duration: Late June 2021 to Winter 2023 (anticipated)
Agency: City of Toronto
Impacts: Drilling and dust, construction hoarding during the monitoring period

Public Realm Construction around the Waterfront Innovation Center at East Bayfront: Dockside Drive and Queens Quay East.

What: replacing the existing sidewalk, installation of trees, bike rings, lighting and planters.

Location: Dockside Drive, Queens Quay East and surrounding area.
Duration: Aug 2021 to January 2022 (approximate)
Agency: Waterfront Toronto, Menkes Developments
Impacts: Reduced pedestrian access on the north side of Dockside Drive, interim sidewalk access along the south side of Queens Quay East.

East Bayfront In-Water Pipes

What: installing pipes along the dockwall at East Bayfront 
Location: Waters Edge Promenade from Dockside Drive to 15 Merchants Wharf
Duration: July 2021 to July 2022 (approximate)
Agency: Waterfront Toronto,
Impacts: Construction Fencing, Tree Protection Zones, Moderate Noise

TTC Survey Work: Utility and Geotechnical Investigations on Bay St Between Front St and Lake Shore Blvd

What: Utility Survey and borehole drilling
Location: Bay St. from Lake Shore Blvd. to Front St.
Duration: August 2021 to September 2021
Agency: TTC
Impacts: Temporary Lane Closures, Borehole Drilling, Vibration and Noise.

Note: The Waterfront BIA is not the constructor of any of these projects and aggregates this information as a courtesy to its members. As such, the information may be incomplete or out of date. Please reach out to the contact noted in the linked construction notices if you have any questions or concerns regarding this work, and review the below-linked websites for further information on these and other construction projects through the area. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with Oliver Hierlihy, Director, Operations: oliver@waterfrontbia.com

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