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The Waterfront BIA is the unifying entity for local businesses and stakeholders. We’re always looking for ways to connect, collaborate to ensure our business community is on the path to growth and success.

We share information on a regular basis with our businesses, with the public, and across other area stakeholders in our shared pursuit of lasting, world-class waterfront experiences. We promote our businesses, share information and resources with them, and advocate on their behalf to all levels of government and in collaboration with other BIAs, business associations and industry groups. 

We act as a leader in engaging the community by showcasing visitors engaged with local events and businesses. This includes across our social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and through e-newsletters to our subscribers and business members. The Waterfront BIA speaks on behalf of the area’s businesses in the media. 

We promote the curation of meaningful and memorable experiences along the waterfront with the goal of highlighting Toronto’s Waterfront as a top city destination, all year-round. Festivals, markets, public art and temporary activations, the Waterfront BIA has done it all. We work with a number of incredible waterfront and Toronto area activations experts to bring the best experiences to those visiting the water. 

By helping to keep the area clean and advocating for higher maintenance standards throughout our area, we help create a more comfortable and memorable visitor experience. Our Clean Streets Team and on-street issue reporting staff work with City Departments and area stakeholders to ensure that issues are cleaned, fixed or followed up on in a timely fashion.