Waterfront BIA Area Data Package 2024

The Waterfront BIA’s 2024 Area Data Package aims to support the growth and economic development of the waterfront business community by providing regularly updated information on waterfront visitors, demographic insights, pedestrian counts, commercial vessel usage, and more.

Following our 2024 Waterfront Retail Review, this data package serves as a vital resource for businesses, offering detailed analyses and insights that are updated periodically throughout the year. Some sections, such as footfall and pedestrian counts, will be refreshed as often as monthly to ensure the most current data is available.

Key highlights include:

  • Visitation:  May 2024 marked the highest individual month for total visits to the waterfront since the pandemic, with over 5 million visits to the waterfront (page 7).
  • Ferry Usage: 2023 was the busiest year for ferry passengers to the Toronto Islands since 2016, with 1.5 million passengers (page 10).
  • Visitor Proximity: Since the pandemic, a larger share of visitors have come from closer. In 2023, over 50% of total visits to the waterfront came from within 13km, compared to 2019, when the majority of visits came from within 20km (page 16).

The document also features detailed demographic data for visitors (page 15) and residents (page 19), along with PRIZM Profiles for visitors (pages 22–26), providing valuable tools for businesses to understand and engage with the area’s primary audiences.

Explore the package and utilize the data to benefit your business. For additional insights or recommendations for further data collection, please contact:

Contact Information:

Dorsa: (647) 271-0246, dorsa@waterfrontbia.com

Oliver: (416) 845-0084, oliver@waterfrontbia.com

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