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Things To Do On Toronto’s Waterfront This Spring – 2024 Edition

Things To Do On Toronto’s Waterfront This Spring – 2024 Edition

Spring has officially landed in Toronto, and with the arrival of Spring comes warm weather, beautiful flowers, and exciting entertainment. Toronto’s waterfront, in particular, transforms into a vibrant playground of activities.

Here is a lineup of spring activities at Toronto’s waterfront that will keep you busy all season long:

Can’t Miss Spring Events on Toronto's Harbourfront

Earth Day Community Clean Up | April 22, 2024

On April 22, we invite the waterfront community to help clean up our vibrant waterfront neighbourhood.

Come meet us in Love Park from 9 AM- 12 PM to grab free cleaning supplies.

Swan Lake and Minus 16

Harbourfront Centre – Torque International Contemporary Dance Series:

Experience some of the most iconic dance performances and choreography at the Harbourfront Centre. Until April 20th, visitors can enjoy an exciting line-up of award-winning choreography and dance sequences. 

Here is a breakdown of performances that can be enjoyed during the Spring season:

    • Swan Lake and Minus 16 (April 18 – 20): Hofesh Shechter and Marie Chouinard, two of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary choreographers, have come together to reimagine Swan Lake. For two days only, you can experience 88 minutes of bespoke dance performances.
    • Contemporary Dance Masterclass (April 20): Don’t miss out on taking a dance masterclass with award-winning and critically acclaimed contemporary dance choreographer, Eric Gauthier.
Photo of Cherry Blossoms on Toronto Islands
Photo by David Chan

Cherry Blossoms 

The arrival of Spring is marked with the delicate pink and white blooms of Cherry Blossoms.

As Toronto’s parks are transformed into beautiful splashes of colour, visitors take advantage to stroll through the beautiful parks and take photos.

High Park is known for its Cherry Blossoms and is a prime spot to view the beautiful cherry blossoms, but there is another spot that’s not as well known but gorgeously framed by Lake Ontario and makes for the perfect afternoon and that’s on the Toronto Islands.

Toronto’s Centre Island has rows of Cherry Blossom trees that offer a picturesque experience while providing an escape from the busy city life.

Typically, the Cherry Blossom trees bloom in late April and early May but you can track which parks are blooming by clicking the button below:

Janes Walk  | 

In hundreds of cities around the world, communities come together and share stories during walks around their neighbourhoods. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your neighbourhood and to connect with others.

Dates and activities are to be announced.

JUNIOR Festival Harbourfront Centre

JUNIOR Festival – Harbourfront Centre  | May 18 – 20

The Harbourfront Centre is welcoming one of Canada’s largest children’s festivals to return this spring. For three days, kids from ages 5-12 can enjoy an exciting non-stop schedule of performances in theatre, dance, and music and also partake in workshops.

Doors Open  | May 25 – 26

Doors Open in Toronto is an annual event that celebrates the city’s rich architectural heritage.

Each year, over 100 buildings and organizations open their doors for free, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at historical sites and unique operations.

Doors Open offers an engaging and educational experience for residents and tourists alike.

Participating organizations are to be announced.

Can't Miss Spring Activities on Toronto's Harbourfront

Boat Season

The 2024 Spring season is forecasted to be unseasonably warm, with record-breaking temperatures. And with the warm arrival of Spring comes the official start of boating season on May 1.

Toronto’s waterfront offers plenty of excitement and water activities to choose from:

Patio Season

Toronto is notorious for its patio enthusiasm. And patios on the waterfront are on a whole other level with their epic views of Lake Ontario and incredible food.

Most of the patios will not be officially open until May and it’s best to double-check with the restaurants to make sure the patios are open before visiting.

Here’s a list of some of the patios on the waterfront that you can enjoy:

Bikes and Scooters

Explore the entirety of Toronto’s waterfront and Islands comfortably and adventurously by renting a bike or a scooter.

Enjoy a leisure ride along the Martin Goodman Trail with gorgeous views of Lake Ontario and visit Toronto’s iconic landmarks along the way including the CN Tower, The Harbourfront Centre, and Toronto’s Music Garden.

With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you can explore the waterfront at your own pace. Indulge in ice cream or enjoy a snack at one of the many waterfront restaurants or patios.

The waterfront offers many bike and scooter rental spots that are conveniently located and offer affordable options. This includes:


Some of the most beautiful places to visit are right at the waterfront. With sandy beaches, luscious parks, or stunning boardwalks – the waterfront has everything you need for walking, biking, or just enjoying.

Here are some of the best parks or trails you can enjoy this spring at Toronto’s waterfront:

Love Park Toronto

Love Park's moveable furniture is returning May 1, and you can relax in Toronto's urban oasis by the water.

Enjoy the best of both worlds: a long sandy beach or rolling grassy hills at HTO Park.

Redpath Waterfront Festival Sugar Beach

Enjoy incredible views of the Sugar Warf ship, the sweet sugary aroma, and the beautiful sandy beach that’s lined with Muskoka chairs and umbrellas.

Art + Experiences

The Power Plant Art Gallery

On May 3, The Power Plant will introduce their Spring/Summer exhibits to the public. The Power Plant is welcoming two Exhibits, Witness and Embassy.

The Power Plant is a non-profit organization offering Canadians the chance to experience art for free. And from May 3 – August 11, you can enjoy 2 incredible exhibits that explore storytelling, cultural narratives, and individual experiences.

Witness Exhibit:

June Clark is introducing the ‘Witness’ exhibit, which features four bodies of work spanning from the 1990s to the present time.

June’s body of works “explores how history, memory, and identity—both individual and collective—have established the familial and artistic lineages that shape her work.”

Embassy Exhibit:

Terence Gower is introducing an exhibit that considers the uncertainties of our current moment and how history can be used to better understand the present and the future.

“Gower considers the exhibition itself as an embassy sent from the past, from a formative period in US history where much of the current geopolitical landscape was formed.”

Lighthouse Immersive

Lighthouse Immersive is introducing a ground-breaking exhibition allowing you to submerge yourself into one of sport’s greatest stories, Formula One racing.


Ontario has a few statutory holidays to plan for this spring. Take a look to make the most out of your long weekend.

    • March 29 – Good Friday
    • April 1 – Easter Monday
    • May 20 – Victoria Day

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