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11 Things To Do At Toronto’s Waterfront This Spring – 2023 Edition

11 Things To Do At Toronto’s Waterfront This Spring – 2023 Edition

Spring is finally, finally here. And after enduring the darkest winter in 73 years, we deserve sunshine and flowers.

We also have a great lineup of spring activities at Toronto’s waterfront that will keep you busy.

It’s a season of events, food, and art!

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Spring on The Waterfront

Spring's Main Events

Public Sweat | March 15 – April 23, 2023 From March 15 – April 23 you can bask inside artist-designed saunas to rejuvenate your body and energy. It’s a completely unique experience that allows you to connect with your community. Check out their community-specific nights as well:
    • March 28 – BIPOC Night
    • April 4 – Trans & Nonbinary Night
    • April 7 – Queer Community Night
    • April 18 – Accessibility Community Night

Earth Day | April 21, 2023

Earth Day is officially on April 22, and it’s time to come together to support our environment. On April 21, the Waterfront BIA invites the entire waterfront community, whether its residents, visitors, or employees, to come down and help clean up our neighbourhood.

The Waterfront BIA will be offering supplies.

More information to come!

Janes Walk  | May 5 – 7, 2023

In hundreds of cities around the world, communities come together and share stories during walks around their neighbourhoods. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your neighbourhood and to connect with others.

This year the waterfront will feature boat tours to share stories of the waterfront!

Harbourfront Centre  

Harbourfront Centre is a contemporary arts and cultural organization that provides year-round programming. And Spring 2023 has a great lineup:

Spring Activities

Boat Season

Take advantage of Lake Ontario and all the activities it has to offer. On May 1, boat season officially launches, and there’s a never-ending amount of water activities to choose from.

Take a look at all of the various water taxis, boat rentals, tours, cruises and marinas that serve the public along the waterfront:

Patio Season:

Toronto is notorious for its patio enthusiasm. And patios on the waterfront are on a whole other level with their epic views of Lake Ontario and incredible food.

Some of these restaurants are seasonal and not open year-round – double-check to make sure they’re open before visiting. Here’s a list of some of the patios on the waterfront that you can enjoy:

    • The Goodman Pub- 207 Queens Quay W
    • Amsterdam Brewhouse – 245 Queens Quay W,
    • Joe Bird – 207 Queens Quay W
    • Pie Bar – 207 Queens Quay W
    • Irene – 25 Dockside Dr
    • Miku – 10 Bay St. #105
    • The Slip – 235 Queens Quay W
    • Boxcar Social Harbourfront – 235 Queens Quay W
    • The Keating Channel Pub & Grill – 2 Villiers St
    • Cabana Pool Bar – 11 Polson St

Bikes + Scooters:

Rent a bike or a scooter and explore Toronto’s waterfront for the perfect day. Here’s a list of some of the bike and scooter rentals you can choose from:


Some of the most beautiful places to visit are right at the waterfront. With sandy beaches, luscious parks, or stunning boardwalks – the waterfront has everything you need for walking, biking, or just enjoying.

Here are some of the best parks or trails you can enjoy this spring at Toronto’s waterfront:

Toronto’s Music Garden is one of the most iconic and beautiful parks in Toronto. With lush greenery and beautiful flowers – there’s a ton of spots to sit and enjoy the wildlife and views of the lake.

Enjoy the best of both worlds: a long sandy beach or rolling grassy hills at HTO Park. It also offers great seating with Muskoka chairs and shady umbrellas

Redpath Waterfront Festival Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach sits beside the Redpath Sugar Refinery so you can enjoy incredible views of the Sugar Warf ship, the sweet sugary aroma, and the beautiful sandy beach that’s lined with Muskoka chairs and umbrellas.

Art + Experiences

The Power Plant Art Gallery

The Power Plant is a non-profit organization offering Canadians the chance to experience art for free. And from February 3 – May 14, you can enjoy 3 incredible exhibits that explore storytelling, cultural narratives, and individual experiences.

Territories 2.0 | 

As part of the Design TO festival, you can explore another world at 1 Lower Jarvis Street. It’s a tiny museum of wonders within a cube-shaped pavilion. It’s only on until April 2 – so check it out while you still can.

Disney Immersive Experience | December 21 – July 9

Step inside your favourite Disney movie and surround yourself with magic at the Disney Animation Immersive Experience.


Ontario has a few statutory holidays to plan for this spring. Take a look to make the most out of your long weekend.

    • April 7 – Good Friday
    • May 22 – Victoria Day

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