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Jane’s Walk on Toronto’s Waterfront -2024

Learn about the history and future of Toronto’s waterfront during Jane’s Walk this year.

Jane’s Walk is an annual event that honours the legacy of urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs. It celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of cities and encourages people to walk, observe, and engage with their communities.

Image Credits: City of Toronto

May 3 – Parks, PATH, Waterfront and a Well

Toronto’s PATH network was initially constructed in the early 1900s and expanded in the 1960s.

The PATH connects over 70 buildings and is one of the largest underground shopping complexes in the world.

Learn about the history and future of the PATH on May 3.

The walk starts at Yonge and Wellesley subway station.

May 5 – Waterfront from a New Perspective (Boat Tour)

Join Waterfront Toronto on a refreshing boat tour to learn the history of the waterfront and the future of one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

May 5 – Walk the Toronto Islands

Learn about the Islands 200-year-old history on an enchanting walk that takes visitors through the history of the Island’s art, culture, environmental sustainability, and more!

Walk starts at 8:30 AM at the ferry terminals and the Jane’s Walk is 3 hours.  

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