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An Unforgettable Adventure for Teens

An Unforgettable Adventure for Teens


April 2017

Send your teen on the adventure of a lifetime – Quebec City aboard the Tall Ships Pathfinder and Playfair!

Toronto Brigantine has been the cornerstone of Toronto youth sail training for over 50 years. As a trainee, your teen will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of traditional sailing from experienced youth officers. There will also be opportunities for hikes, swimming and campfires as participants join an unforgettable fresh water adventure.

Joined by sailors from around the world, participants will sail as an international fleet to Rendezvous 2017 in Quebec City. Each day will be a new and exciting challenge as participants follow in the footsteps of the Great Lakes explorers. Your teen will build respect, camaraderie and self-confidence through a unique and unforgettable experience!

A once in a lifetime experience awaits at torontobrigantine.org

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