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The Waterfront is a vibrant and diverse area that offers something for everyone. Filled with restaurants, shops and more! Take advantage of all that it has to offer. Get to know the people who help make the waterfront a world class destination.

The Island Cafe

The Island Café is located on Ward’s Island and is known for its delicious foods, beautiful outdoor dining, and green initiatives. For over 13 years, the Island Café has been a must-visit gem for anyone in Toronto.
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Skipperi is a Finland-based company that is making a huge impact across the waters in Ontario. Skipperi is the world’s first boat-sharing app – allowing boating to be accessible for everyone and anyone.
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Nazarian Law

Nazarian Law Office at 130 Queens Quay East | Armen Nazarian, Founder of Nazarian Law Armen Nazarian is the founder and principal lawyer of Nazarian Law, a client-centric law firm offering services in the areas of real estate law, startup and business law, wills & estates and family law located at the heart of Toronto’s […]
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Great Lakes Brewery Brewpub

GLB Brewpub Exterior. Photo Credit: BlogTO We had the chance to visit the GLB Brewpub team at their location on the shores of Toronto’s East Bayfront neighbourhood. Situated on 11 Lower Jarvis Street in Toronto, they are in the perfect location to fulfil their vision of bringing fresh homegrown ingredients and quality craft beer to […]
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Second City Comedy Club

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ but it’s true! Laughing decreases stress, triggers the release of endorphins, and draws people together. We had the chance to talk to some awesome people at The Second City about why they’re thrilled to be bringing big laughs and lots of joy to the Toronto […]
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Mavericks Burger Co.

Mavericks Burger Co Mavericks Burger Co joined the Toronto Waterfront in the fall of 2021, and is establishing its mark in the best way. The restaurant was started by owner Darryl Neate, who was inspired to fill a gap in the market to make plant-based burgers from a place that people could trust. He wanted […]
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