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Great Lakes Brewery Brewpub

GLB Brewpub Exterior. Photo Credit: BlogTO

We had the chance to visit the GLB Brewpub team at their location on the shores of Toronto’s East Bayfront neighbourhood.

Situated on 11 Lower Jarvis Street in Toronto, they are in the perfect location to fulfil their vision of bringing fresh homegrown ingredients and quality craft beer to the community. Troy Burtch, Senior Manager of Great Lakes Brewery tells us more about this special location.

Chatting with GLB Brewpub at Toronto's Waterfront

Tell us about the history of the Great Lakes Brewery

Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) was founded in Toronto in 1987, making us one of the oldest independent craft breweries in Canada. In fact, we brew the #2 selling IPA in LCBO!

What drove the decision to create not just another brewing location, but a Brewpub and restaurant? 

It’s always been a dream of ours to open a second location, and GLB has opened the Brewpub in order to make our quality craft beer and sustainably sourced menu conveniently available to the Toronto community.

With 20 beers on tap, a comprehensive food program, and a welcoming retail store that is open seven days a week, we want to bring our commitment to customers right to the heart of the community. 

Tell us about your new GLB Brewpub Location:

We wanted to create a different feel to the typical dark industrial brewery. So the interior dining room is bright and modern. The space allows seating for 186 people inside and an additional 190 people on the patio.

Because it’s right at the waterfront, people can enjoy the water and come in for a beer. It’s very relaxing and a great area. 

What makes GLB stand out? 

Experience – As one of Canada’s oldest independently owned breweries, our 36+ years in the industry ensures that Ontarians get the highest quality, freshest, and most affordable beer into their hands in the most personable, efficient, and enjoyable approach possible

What should people know about GLB beers? 

We brew 120 beers per year, and specialize in producing flavourful beers that will be sure to awaken the taste buds with each sip. From unique seasonal ales, bottle conditioned releases, year-round ales and premium lagers to the 7 Barrel and Tank Ten Series of beers, we’re proud of the quality and variety of products that can be enjoyed by everyone

What’s your favourite beer?

The Old Düsseldorf Altbie. It also recently won GOLD at the Canadian Beer Cup. It’s known for its aromas of bready malts, nuttiness and sweetness of caramel and marshmallow. 

Where are the beers brewed? 

All our beers are brewed on-site in a microbrewery and are available in the restaurant. There are 20 taps going to ensure there’s always something on-pour for everyone.

Is there anything for the non-beer lover? 

Beer is of course our main attraction, but we also have homemade spirits, like vodka and gin which are available in drinks on tap, and in feature cocktails.

Whiskey is also in the works, but won’t be available for a few years because it’s currently aging in our barrels. 

What’s something unexpected you would recommend? 

The HOP POP (custom hop-infused sparkling water which is also sugar/ gluten/ calorie free) is my go-to for a craft non-alcoholic experience. For times when you want some hops in your life, without the ABV. Tastes incredible!

Tell us, what’s on the menu? 

Our Detroit-style deep dish pizzas and smash burgers are the top sellers for sure. But we also have unique dishes like our octopus tostada (grilled octopus, peanut and date salsa macha and radish on a crispy tortilla). 

As with any delicious meal you can finish off with one of their great desserts like the maple apple caramel crumble, made with Great Lakes Old Düsseldorf Altbier toffee, oat crumble, and served with vanilla ice cream. It obviously pairs great with the beer as well!

Great Lakes Brewpub Events + Activities

The GLB Brewpub has a strong community approach and hosts different events every week:

Trivia Night: Are You Smarter Than a Scottish Guy? 

  • Every Wednesday from  7 PM – 9 PM
  • Free to attend and prizes to be won! Trivia players can also get pours of Great Lakes Lager for $5 and pizza for $15.

Sunday Movie Nights

  • Every Sunday from 7 PM -9 PM
  • Movie Nights are free to attend, or for $10 movie goers get popcorn and an 11oz pour of their choice 50% of these proceeds go to the daily bread food bank. 

Monday Industry Nights

  • Every Monday from 7 PM – close. 
  • 5 lagers, $5 shots, & $12 wings. Can’t go wrong! 

Beer Connoisseur

Become a beer connoisseur with the GLB Brewpubs tasting and food pairings!


BLB Brewpub Team

Visit the Great Lake Brewery Brewpub!

It’s clear that the GLB Brewpub stands apart from other pubs and breweries, setting a high standard and making it a novel addition to the Toronto waterfront community. For people looking to connect at casual community events, for personal or corporate venue space, a night out, or a chilled beer in – GLB is the place to be!

Feeling hungry yet? Make a reservation!  

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