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The Most Haunted Spot On Toronto’s Waterfront

On the Toronto Islands rests the second oldest Lighthouse in Canada. Erected in 1808, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse helped ships navigate the waters and return home safely.

While the lighthouse was a major landmark in Toronto during the 1800s and 1900s, the lighthouse had a dark reputation. Despite its purpose of helping ships navigate home safely, there were many shipwrecks because the light confused the skippers. The lighthouse was also active during the War of 1812.

But the lighthouse’s haunting history comes from the lighthouse’s first keeper, John Radelmulle.

Many different narratives come to John Radelmulle. Toronto’s Haunted Walks tells the tale that John Radelmulle murdered a sailor for their bag of gold, but the guilt from his murder drove him mad and to his ultimate death.

The Toronto Public Library reports, “The lighthouse keeper (John Radelmulle) saw his guests were becoming too drunk, he refused to produce more liquor. The enraged soldiers beat Radelmüller to death and escape along Blockhouse Bay. His body was allegedly cut into pieces and buried around the islands.”

In 1893, a human skeleton was found buried near the lighthouse, some believe it’s the murdered skipper and others say it is John Radelmulle.

Today, people have reported sightings of the lighthouse light flashing bright, and others have seen apparitions of an old man. 

Visitors can take a ghost tour of the Lighthouse with Haunted Walks and Pirate Life. The tour is 90 minutes long and includes a boat tour. You can book tickets here.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

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