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Did You Know? Algonquin Island

Did You Know? Algonquin Island

March 2017

Did You Know? Algonquin Island

Approximately 700 residents of the Toronto Island community live on two islands: Algonquin and Ward’s. Algonquin Island is a 5-minute walk from Ward’s and has a very different look and feel.

Originally called Sunfish Island, Algonquin was no more than a low sandbar. In the 1930s, the City pumped sand up from the harbour to make the island higher and more suitable for houses. Cottages on the land now used for the airport were floated to Algonquin and placed around its perimeter. Some of the original cottages are recognizable from their architectural style – most notably, enclosed porches and dormers over the central doors.

By the early 1940’s, the land had been surveyed and divided into lots. Then, during the housing shortage after WWII, returning veterans leased the empty interior lots and built bungalows. Some of these houses remain unchanged!

To get to Algonquin Island, walk from the Ward’s Island ferry dock for a few minutes along the lagoon, then cross the little bridge. The Island is great for a walk, run or bicycle ride, all year long!

Catch the ferry at the bottom of Bay Street.

Tickets are $7.50/$5.00 (adult/senior) return. (Don’t forget to dress warmly!)

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