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50 Years of GO Transit – Exhibition

50 Years of GO Transit – Exhibition

May 2017

GO History!

Canada’s birthday isn’t the only thing we’ll be celebrating this summer. GO Transit, Ontario’s regional public transit system, began service in 1967 as an experiment to see if commuters would abandon their cars and take transit to work. Fifty years later, GO now links the entire region and carries nearly 70 million passengers every year.

As GO and parent company Metrolinx prepare for the huge serge in growth coming over the next few decades, they’re taking time to remember the system’s humble beginnings with an exhibit at the Toronto Railway Museum. Keep an eye out for GO historical artifacts, including a restored original GO rail cab car, and an online virtual museum that showcases GO’s past while highlighting the promise of its future.

GO Exhibits will open on May 23. For more information, visit gotransit.com.​

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