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Located on idyllic Ward’s Island, the Island Cafe is the perfect spot for coffee, home baked treat, brunch, lunch, or sunset dinner.


A key component of our ethos at the Island Cafe is looking after the environment. We do so in a number of ways from constructing our patio furniture out of recycled wood, to our compost heap, and avoiding single use plastic – our popsicle wrappers, labels, and all of our take out materials are made from compostable materials.


We promote local and green eating. In 2016, Co-Owner Maura McIntyre launched GreenTO Greens, and initiative to see how much kale you can grow in 1/100 acre. Each summer we produce roughly 480 pounds of kale. We donate it to local food banks and community members.

We did our first delivery of kale to the Parkdale Food Bank on June 1st. We dropped off 50 bunches of KALE!

They also feature live music!