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Waterfront Underutilized Public Spaces Survey

Waterfront Underutilized Public Spaces Survey

This is your chance to participate in a survey shaping the future of waterfront underutilized public spaces

With the continuous aspiration to improve the experience for our visitors, the Waterfront BIA has identified three waterfront underutilized public spaces along the waterfront that could benefit from greater vibrancy and a stronger destination appeal: HTO Park West (375 Queens Quay W), Waters Edge Promenade (25 Dockside Dr) and Sherbourne Common North (5 Lower Sherbourne St).

The community at the heart of the waterfront underutilized public spaces

In an effort to better enhance the waterfront public realm, the Waterfront BIA has started a project with the help of MASSIVart, a creative public art and placemaking consulting agency. They have been brought on board to conduct public space research and engage with the community to better understand how these spaces could be enhanced through creative placemaking interventions. 

The first pilot will be launched later this summer and evaluated to help inform future public realm enhancements or larger-scale capital projects.

In order to evaluate the potential of these three waterfront underutilized public spaces, we would like to collect community feedback on ways to improve them. If you have visited these spaces lately, you may have met the MASSIVart team conducting in-person surveys, gathering direct feedback from visitors on what’s currently working and what’s missing that could contribute to a more vibrant public space.

To complement this in-person engagement and to make this survey as accessible as possible, it is also possible to participate in a short survey through this link.

What’s next?

After analyzing the public space research and feedback from the community, a pilot project taking into account the input of the visitors will be launched this summer. The Waterfront BIA and MASSIVart will evaluate the impact of the pilot to help inform future public realm enhancements.

Participate in the online survey

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