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‘Build it, they will use it’ – Waterfront Commuter Survey says

‘Build it, they will use it’ – Waterfront Commuter Survey says

A study conducted by the Toronto Waterfront BIA shows strong interest from people commuting to work to use expanded transit.

According to the study, workers who reside in Toronto, and GTA residents commuting to the downtown, would significantly increase their transit use with the Waterfront East LRT.

Highlights of the study include:

  • 53.5% of workers said that they would use public transit more if additional subway and LRT lines connecting downtown and the waterfront were built.
  • 40% of workers who travel by car and 53% of workers who travel by carpool said they were more likely to use public transit if downtown and the waterfront were better connected. This means fewer cars on the road, less congestion, and reduced GHG emissions.
  • Workers spend on average 30-60 minutes commuting to work, with more than a quarter of respondents saying their daily commute is over an hour in both directions. The expansion of the LRT would significantly reduce these commute times.

“This study confirms that the Waterfront East LRT would lead to greater transit use, less congestion, and more local economic activity,” said Tim Kocur, Executive Director of the Waterfront BIA.

This survey was prepared to develop a sample of the population that works along the waterfront corridor through downtown Toronto. The survey was distributed electronically through commercial properties and businesses for distribution to employees. The study zone where the survey was distributed was south of the Gardiner Expressway between Bathurst and Parliament streets. Distributed in March 2019, the survey received a total of 441 responses within a confidence level of +/- 5%.

Download the Waterfront Commuter Survey (full report)

For more information:

Tim Kocur 
Executive Director
The Waterfront Business Improvement Area
office: (416) 596-9821
cell: (416) 827-7734
email: tkocur@waterfrontbia.com

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