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The Waterfront East LRT

The Waterfront East LRT

The Waterfront East LRT route will connect existing and new neighbourhoods, destinations, and jobs on the water’s edge to the broader city and region.

The future of the Portlands (by 2040):

    • 75, 000 new homes
    • 130, 000 more residents
    • 50, 000 more jobs

The growth of the eastern waterfront and Portlands means that seamless transit connectivity is vital to make homes, jobs, and attractions for visitors accessible.  


Funding the Waterfront East LRT

On November 9, 2023, City Council adopted the advancement of the Waterfront East LRT designs recommended in Item EX9.14. That includes $63.6 million in additional funding to complete 60% of the design. That will make the design ‘shovel-ready’ over the next year and ready for construction as soon as a funding plan has been finalized.

The project is not fully funded for construction yet, but this advancement to ‘shovel-ready design’ is the furthest the project has come in planning so far.

More than 50 organizations and leaders shared a joint statement with Mayor Chow, Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau on the urgency of funding and building Waterfront East Light Rail Transit (LRT).

Toronto leaders signing the joint statement represent arts and culture organizations, business and industry, educational institutes, resident groups, waterfront stakeholders and public leaders.

A total budget of approximately $2.5 billion is expected for the LRT in the report.

The joint statement encourages immediate discussion with all three levels of government to ensure the project is fully funded and built to take full advantage of the housing and employment opportunities in the eastern waterfront and Port Lands.

Additional Information and Resources

City of Toronto

Go to the City of Toronto website to learn about the most recent status updates on the projects

Waterfront Toronto

See the latest renderings and designs of the Waterfront East LRT project, learn about route proposals and more at Waterfront Toronto’s website. 

2022 Joint Statement:

In 2022, over 30 organizations signed a joint statement advocating for the funding of the Waterfront East LRT. 

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