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Take a Trip Across the Water to the Toronto Island Cafe

Take a Trip Across the Water to the Toronto Island Cafe

Take the Toronto Island ferry over to Ward’s Island! Just steps away from the dock, you’ll find the Toronto Island Cafe. Known for their delicious mains and home baked desserts, their outdoor patio is the perfect place to stop for a coffee break or enjoy a beautiful sunset dinner. The Island Cafe also hosts local performers to showcase a wide range of talent and for a memorable night out by the water. Visit their website to get the full list of summer musicians to plan your trip over to the island

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Leading the way for Sustainable Food 

What makes the Toronto Island Cafe so unique is that you can feel good eating off their menu. This is because they keep a strong sustainability goal in mind with every dish they serve. The Island Cafe takes a green approach to cooking and dining, by putting environmental and sustainability goals at the front of everything they do. This starts with constructing their patio furniture out of recycled wood. Their design brings character to the patio adding to the unique experience of the restaurant. In addition, Island Cafe strictly avoids using single use plastics, including the packaging of their home-made popsicles and all take-out containers that are meant to be compostable.  

The Island Cafe is leading the way for sustainable food in Toronto by offering green and sustainable menu items such as grass-fed beef burgers, vegan options, and dishes using locally sourced produce. In addition, all the desserts are made by a talented local home baker. 

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GreenTO Incentive

Kale Gardens GreenTO

The Island Cafe even has their own compost heap, so you can be sure nothing goes to waste. This is part of their incentive to promote local and green eating. In 2016, Co-owner Maura McIntyre started GreenTO Greens. The project sets an incentive to measure how many bundles of kale one can grow in 1/100 acres. Each summer the Island Cafe produces 480 pounds of kale (that’s a lot of salad and green juice)! Better yet, they donate this produce back to the community at the food banks and local community members. 

GreenTOVisit the Toronto Island Cafe this summer on a Tuesday for dinner, then take home your own free bundle of kale!!

To find out more about the Island Cafe click here.


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