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Impact Kitchen

Make it healthy and nutritionally dense, or don’t make it at all, was Josh Broun and co-founder Frank Toskan’s motto when coming up with Impact Kitchen.

Josh was Frank’s personal fitness trainer and Frank was a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded M·A·C Cosmetics) and discussions of a gap in the Toronto marketplace for healthy places to eat and drink began. The two then created Impact Kitchen, an eatery with the belief that food has the power to shape our daily lives. That real, wholesome ingredients, prepared simply and with integrity, can provide us with the energy to take on the day with purpose and optimism. They work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure all our fresh, local, and organic ingredients are of the highest quality. With the support of our team of chefs, nutritionists, and wellness experts, each menu item has a nutritional purpose (and tastes amazing too).

Impact Kitchen serves up everything healthy from regular coffee to Impact coffee (bullet-proof style), smoothies, juices and tonics, power bowls, soups and stews, healthy brunch and even a grocery market so you can bring your favs home.

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