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Nforno Pizza

We spoke to Justin from Nforno Pizza to chat about the waterfront and learn more about one of the newest pizza joints in our amazing neighbourhood!

Putting toppings on a pizza in the assembly line at Nforno Pizza

How did Nforno end up on the waterfront?

It’s a very good area! There is lots of things happening – George Brown is right across the street, we are close to the staple Sugar Beach, and close to all the residents living in the buildings, we love the area! We are right across from the splash pad in the summer time and the Sherbourne Common skating rink in the winter.

Dog tries to eat the water spraying from the fountain at Sherboune Common
Doggo attempting to eat the water in the splash pad in Sherbourne Common (Credit: @johngordon2756)

I don’t think enough people know about the magic of Sherbourne Common park!

I agree! It’s a nice hidden gem – in the winter time especially because everyone skates at Nathan Phillips Square or Harbourfront Centre rink – the Sherbourne Common rink is usually a lot quieter with beautiful ice.

Pizza toppings behind the counter at Nforno pizza including various meats and some veggies
An amazing assortment of pizza toppings are available including vegetarian “sausage” and dairy-free cheese

Whats something about Nforno that people might not know?

We have coffee!! A lot of people say “where can I get coffee at the waterfront?’ and we have coffee along with serving amazing pizza. We have repeat coffee customers – especially our coffee ice cream! We’re not just pizza, although it says Nforno Pizza as our name, we have paninis, ice cream, coffee, and pastries as well. It’s great for breakfast! 

We also have vegetarian and dairy-free options!

Nforno Espresso Ice Cream being held in the air in front of a tree
Try their delicious Polar Espresso for a refreshing treat on a summer day!

Whats your favorite thing to do on the waterfront?

Definitely relax at Sugar Beach! Go for nice walks and look at the lake! I also love sitting at the benches by Sherbourne Common. You can sometimes hear the music from Cabana, which I love. The area has a really nice vibe.

What is your favorite part about working on the waterfront?

Dog watching!! 

Good one!!

There is so many dogs on the waterfront we actually know more of the dog’s names than their owner’s names! We have so many nice dogs we get to say hello to all the time. It’s such a great dog area!

Favorite place to take a break on the waterfront?

I would say Sugar Beach because it’s a classic but I also really enjoy just sitting by the benches on the promenade – it’s very very calm. There is also a beautiful little zig zag walkway between the Aquabella and Aqualuna condos that I love.

Nforno Pizza with red onions, green olives and mushrooms

If you could be Batman or Robin, which one would you be?

Batman. Hands down. He’s just cool. That’s why is name is said before Robin!

What’s the song that you are listening to the most right now?

I can’t narrow it down! This is so hard. I listen to a lot of Above & Beyond – like EDM. Actually, they played last week at Cabana Pool Bar so I went on break and got to sit over there and listen to some of it.

So that’s the best part about working at the waterfront?


And where can people find you?

59 Merchants Wharf right beside Sherbourne Common park!

Nforno Pizza with two pizzas side by side

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