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With a location in the Harbourfront, you will find that The Kitchen Table is within easy walking/driving distance of your home or business.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from around the world are purchased directly from the Ontario Food Terminal/Farmers Market and delivered via our own trucks 6 days a week to each of our stores. Tempting Bakery, Pastries, Meat, Deli, Foodservice and an extensive selection of Grocery products are delivered EVERY day, 365 days/year. With a never-ending focus on Freshness, coupled with the CONVENIENCE, service and speed of each trip, we are sure that you will find this to be a welcome relief in today’s fast paced environment.

Our friendly Staff and Management are there to help make your visit a pleasurable experience. Special requests, party orders, office accounts, etc. are always welcome. Simply ask your Store Manager for further details.


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