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Synergy Wellness Attitude Training is more than just our name, it is our philosophy. SWAT is an all-encompassing health and wellness facility that combines multiple viewpoints and expertise to meet the needs of every client that walks through our doors. The extensive background of our wellness practitioners along with the experience of our trainers helps to facilitate optimal care. Our facility is full of friendly faces who pride themselves on ensuring every individual feels cared for, educated and motivated! By embracing the energy of the Toronto Harbourfront, we at SWAT are looking to not only promote health but  to help build a healthier community!

Services we provide include: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, RMT, Fascial Stretching, Acupuncture, Personal Training and Group Classes.

For more information please visit us at swathealth.com where you are now able to book any appointment or session online!


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