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Solace Tanning Studios is a modern, upscale and professional tanning salon located on Toronto’s beautiful waterfront just west of Spadina on Queens Quay.

At Solace, we specialize in customer service and have paid attention to every detail to ensure this. We offer state-of-the-art Ergoline and SunCapsule Equipment in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

We also provide UV-Free tanning with the Mystic Tan HD Spray Booth. This is a great option for those of you who want a beautiful, instant and natural-looking tan. Getting a gorgeous tan for an event, date, holiday or photo shoot has never been so easy!

We have a great selection of the best indoor tanning lotions with names like Australian Gold, Devoted Creations, Swedish Beauty and Supre. Ranging from practical and affordable to luxurious and high-end.

Come check us out and see how you can get a beautiful and flawless tan all year-round in a clean, controlled and indoor environment. Our friendly staff are Smart Tan Certified and will help choose the best lotion and tanning bed for you.

Solace Tanning Studios has recently started offering luxury brand products including: L*Space Swim Suits, Coola Suncare, Green Beaver Organic Sunscreen, Consonant Skincare, Twistbands, S*well Bottles, bkr Bottles, Love Fresh Natural Skincare, Hurraw Balm, Merben Dry Brushes, etc.

To avoid wait times we recommended you schedule an appointment with us by calling 416 345.8484 or emailing info@solacetanning.com.


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