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GenesisXD is an award-winning Toronto-based experience design firm dedicated to creating experiences that change minds, hearts and behaviour.

We are made up of visionaries, strategists, designers and technologists. We leverage traditional, digital and social media to create well-rounded experiences that slip past defenses and overcome indifference.

We believe that organizations need to engage with their internal and external communities, not just communicate with them. Well-designed experiences both drive engagement and transform customers, employees and others into enriched communities. Productive engagement happens between the organization and its communities… as well as among the communities themselves, independent of the organization but ideally facilitated by it.

Communities aren’t built in a day. However, everything an organization does can be designed to strategically contribute to strengthening its communities. One of the biggest challenges organizations face is experience fragmentation… when organization’s countless points of touch fail to add up to a consistent, compelling experience, driven by its brand promise and character. In all we do, we never lose sight of the immediate goal or the bigger picture.


Brand Foundation, Brand Design, Brand Launch, Brand Integration, Stakeholder Analysis, Experience Strategy, Communications Planning, Social Innovation, Digital Design, Print Design, Infographics, Way Finding