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ABOUT COMMON GROUND /// Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Common Ground is a boutique fitness studio with minimal distractions. It provides a comfortable workout environment for exclusive personal training, quad training and small intimate group classes.  Common Ground is a fully collapsible space that is versatile – everything from small intimate yoga & pilates classes, to health/wellness events & workshops.  Common Ground provides the most elite exclusive personal training Toronto has to offer.  We work together to ensure you achieve your personal fitness goals and live a healthier active lifestyle!

THE CG6 METHOD utilizes one’s body weight while incorporating compound movement ensuring a higher work rate. A combination of balance, core and explosive exercises that will challenge you and keep your heart rate up.  However, depending on the CLIENT (injuries, imbalances etc.) and personal goals, exercise routines are always curated towards them.

  • HIIT intervals mixed with high repetition strength training exercises.
  • Combine cardio-style movements into each workout.
  • No two workouts are ever the same.