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Algonquin Island Forest Kindergarten

The Algonquin Island Forest Kindergarten (AIFK) is an education and childcare service on the Toronto Islands.

The Algonquin Island Forest Kindergarten supports early childhood growth through nature-based education that prioritizes outdoor play, fostering friendships, respect for nature, and more!

AIFK has three major offerings:

  • Full-day kindergarten program from September to June.
  • Parent and child playgroups.
  • Forest families gathering.

AIFK also offers part-time options to make the program more accessible for families!

Algonquin Island Forest Kindergarten’s founder and lead teacher Symon James-Wilson is an Ontario Certified Teacher and a third generation Toronto Island resident.

The Algonquin Island Forest Kindergarten has open houses throughout the year giving you a chance to meet Ms. James-Wilson, and see the diverse natural environments where AIFK kindergarteners will learn and play each day.


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