BSAM Canada’s Kemetic Yoga on the Waterfront

BSAM Canada’s Kemetic Yoga on the Waterfront

The waterfront Artists in Residence, Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) Canada, is hosting a five-part kemetic yoga series as part of Earthseeds: Space of the Living, as a way to reconnect our natural environment and to offer spaces for people to ground themselves.

The goal of BSAM Canada’s residency is to explore ideas of healing through various events and multimedia art throughout the year that will appear downtown along the Toronto waterfront, while fostering connection, harvesting restorative energy and opening spaces for introspection to plant seeds of change internally and externally for the future.

The Kemetic Yoga series features 5 sessions meant to inspire mindfulness and reflection and clear out the noise during a time of mental upheaval and uncertainty. Along with encouraging a state of calm and a way to connect to our bodies and the environment around us, this series will also include introspective journaling activities and giveaways for participants. The sessions are filmed along the central Toronto waterfront at the Westin Harbour Castle as a way to showcase locations in the city that offer a connection to healing energy.

Future events will include a Multimedia Installation of a “living structure”, meant to offer peace of mind for community participants, as well as an Experimental Film that will highlight the stories and teachings of the water. More details to come on those.

View the first two sessions and sign up to participate in the rest of the series here. Learn more about BSAM Canada’s residency on the waterfront here.

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