October 2017

For the 2017 Halloween season, Spooky Lagoon presents: Toronto Island Stories – Murder at the Lighthouse.

Take a boat ride into the early history of the Toronto Islands. You’ll be taken back on an historical boat ride across the lake and discover the real story of the murder of John Paul Radelmüller, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse’s most famous keeper. Along with other unique and fascinating stories about the Island’s history as narrated by Jimmy Jones, Toronto’s longest living Islander, this ride is sure to be a night to remember.

Your trip finishes off with the gradual reveal of the stunning Toronto cityscape as you exit the lagoons, back into the open Waterfront. Perfect for date night, or an after dinner excursion. Early bird tickets on sale now for $25. Departs from York Street Quay. Dress for 10 degrees cooler than the forecast. Fleece blanket provided on board.

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