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Jane’s Walk at Toronto’s Waterfront -2023

Are you interested in exploring the beautiful waterfront of Toronto? Then don’t miss out on the Jane’s Walks happening this year!

Jane’s Walk is an annual event that honors the legacy of urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs. It celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of cities and encourages people to walk, observe, and engage with their communities.

This year, there are several Jane’s Walks happening in Toronto’s waterfront area, which is one of the city’s most exciting and dynamic neighborhoods.

May 5 – Boat Tour of Toronto’s Waterfront 

Explore the history and future of Toronto’s waterfront on a free boat tour of Toronto’s harbour.

May 5 – Toronto Island Sunset Walk 

Learn the history of the Toronto Islands during a sunset walk on the Islands!

Toronto Malting Silos

May 6 – Canada Malting Silos Tour

Learn about the restoration of the 100-year old iconic grain silos!

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