Photo Credit: Andy Barrow, SnapHappyExpat

February 2017

LEEWARD FLEET by RAW, Canada Square, Harbourfront Centre

Celebrating Toronto’s rich harbour history, design studio RAW introduces three pivoting structures to Canada Square. Inspired by ice and sailboat technology, enamel masts hold up brightly coloured sails, each of which serve as sculptural references to the days prior to ferry transportation.

Artist Bio: RAW is a design and architecture studio that believes architecture requires public engagement and participation in an ongoing dialogue about culture and form.  The studio’s work ranges from, single-family, mid-rise and high-rise residential, to master plans, retail, mixed-use and commercial spaces. RAW is also a co-founder and benefactor of Winter Stations and has amassed a portfolio of public artwork and interactive installations across Canada. RAW operates as a collaborative design network linking diverse disciplines, researchers, practi­tioners and artists.

Visit all five Ice Breakers installations from January 21 to February 26, 2017.

For more information about Ice Breakers, click here.

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