August 2017

City councillor Pam McConnell passed away much too early at age 71.  Pam was busy in her large Ward 28 and as deputy mayor, but was also a steadfast champion for both the Waterfront and the Islands.  Pam was highly admired and respected and will be missed.

Her ability to wrap up complex issues and see through a bureaucratic haze is clear in this video from City Council.

Books of condolence are available at city hall and online.

Deputy Mayor McConnell’s family encourages everyone to commemorate her in a way that is meaningful to them. Also at the request of the family, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to any of the following organizations: 

Collective of Black Artists (
Donations should be made by cheque and mailed to: 
COBA Collective of Black Artists 
Daniels Spectrum 
585 Dundas St. E., Suite 130 
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7 

Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services (
Online donations can be made at 

Riverdale Housing Animation Programs (
Online donations can be made at