This is an update on the construction status for the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and Harbour Square Park Phase 1A. Beginning in mid-October, the western walkway will be closed in order to install the temporary widened walkway that will provide uninterrupted access to the terminal gates throughout construction of Phase 1A.

City of Toronto staff will also be on site mid-October to begin removing some small items that currently exist on the main walkway that runs south from Bay Street to the ferry terminal entrance. This work includes removing banners, planters, poles and a small section of pavers. This work will not block access along the main walkway.

Expect full closure of the main walkway in early to mid-November. As previously discussed, the main walkway will not close until the temporary western walkway has re-opened for public access. One to two ticket booths will remain open between November 2017-May 2018. More details will be posted on the construction staging and schedule as they become available.