Pie Bar, best known for its waterfront views and quirky take on pizza pies, is proud about its pizzas.

At this waterfront pizzeria, the talented chefs make pizzas from fresh dough every day. Their legendary pies are made to order and baked in a Neapolitan oven in just a couple of minutes.

The summer menu has pies dressed with trendily crafted sauces as the base. San Marzano tomatoes, garlic oil, truffle cream and goat cheese are few of their sauces that bring a vibrant and bold taste to their pizzas.

They are high on culinary creativity and take you straight to Italy with signature pizzas like the Prosciutto, Tartufo, Fico and keep you intrigued with modern takes on the Godfather, Sausage and Angry Bee pizzas. The Margherita and Pepperoni pies are not as simple as you’d expect because they focus on flavours and details that make their pizzas authentic.

Head in for a bite today! More information here.